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Contraceptive Pill

Contraceptive Pill

Female Contraceptive Pill

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The contraceptive pill is one of the most reliable methods for protecting against unwanted pregnancies. Each year millions of women take “the pill” without side-effects or problems, allowing them to enjoy a fuller sex life without the worry of accidental pregnancy.

How Do Contraceptive Pills Work?

Contraceptive pills work by controlling the reproductive system. Most commonly, contraceptive pills contain artificial hormones which will then stop healthy eggs from being fertilized or incubated. This is a test-and-tested method with almost no negative side-effects and almost 100% protection from unwanted pregnancies.

Some women even find that taking the pill can actually make their menstrual flow lighter and more predictable, offering yet another benefit to those who take it on a regular basis.

Types of Pills

There are a number of different categories of contraceptive pill on the market. The most popular of these are monophasic tablets whereby one tablet is taken each day over a period of three weeks. A break of seven days is then taken and then the cycle begins again.

Phasic pills are rather more complicated in that a dose may consist of 2 or 3 different types that must be taken at specific times during the month. Phasic contraceptive pills are really therefore only recommended for the most organized of individuals. For others who may miss a pill or take the wrong dosage there is a risk of sub-optimal birth control.

At the other end of the scale is the so-called every day pill (or ED). As the name suggests, a pill is taken every day of the month and no break is taken. For women looking to establish a simple routine, ED birth control pills may be the easiest of all.

The last type of birth control pill is the mini pill. This type of pill is so-called because it contains only progesterone, as opposed to the other types of contraceptive pills which also contain oestrogen. While the protection may not be quite as reliable as pills containing both hormones, some women find that they are allergic to oestrogen, so the oestrogen-free mini pills are therefore the most suitable form of birth control.

Whichever form of birth control pill you opt for, a prescription will be necessary. Fortunately we have doctors on hand for free consultations who can usually assess your suitability and issue a prescription over the internet. Furthermore, we can post your birth control pills straight to your door.

We currently offer two different varieties of birth control pills.


Combined Contraceptive Pill
Combined Contraceptive Pill

The combined contraceptive pill contains synthetic versions of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone. It protects you from unwanted pregnancies in two ways; firstly by preventing sperm from reaching the egg and secondly by preventing any fertilized eggs from attaching to the wall of the womb where they can grow and develop.

Available Products: BiNovum, Brevinor, Cilest, Femodette, Femodene, Femodene ED, Logynon, Logynon ED, Marvelon, Mercilon, Microgynon, Microgynon ED, Norgeston, Norimin, Norinyl, Ovranette, Ovysmen, Qlaira, Synphase, Triadene, TriNovum, Yasmin


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Mini Pill (POP)
Mini Pill

Mini pills only use the synthetic version of progesterone. For those women who experience unpleasant side-effects from oestrogen-containing birth control tablets, taking mini pills are often the best alternative solution to controlling unwanted births. They are also generally considered more suitable for women that are breastfeeding, are overweight or are aged over 35.

Available Products: Cerazette, Femulen, Micronor, Noriday


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Before You Take The Pill

Contraceptive pills are generally very safe and present very few side-effects. Very occasionally some women experience tender breasts, feelings of sickness or mood swings. If you experience any such side effects you should consult a medical practitioner as soon as possible who may decide to discontinue your medication.

Fortunately with so many different forms of contraceptive pill on the market it is usually simple enough to try out an alternative remedy should you experience any side effects from your existing birth control pills.

Also, you should be aware that while taking birth control pills will help to protect against unwanted pregnancies, they offer no protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Therefore, particularly with a new partner, you may opt to continue the use of condoms so as to protect you both. Remember that a number of STIs show little or no symptoms and so it is possible that you or your partner may already be infected without even being aware of the risk that you pose each other.