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Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Giving up Smoking

Increase your chances of stopping smoking with Champix treatments available from NationWide Pharmacies.

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The costs and health risks of smoking are hardly a secret. It’s no surprise that each year thousands of lifelong smokers successfully give up smoking, and instantly begin to reap the health and financial benefits. From increased disposable income to a healthier lifestyle, from a better sense of smell and taste to being able to keep up with your children, quitting smoking is one of the most positive and life affirming changes possible.

That said, despite this well-known list of benefits it’s fair to say that even more of us would opt to give up smoking – if it weren’t for the difficulty of actually beating the addiction. After all, as we all know, quitting smoking can require considerable will power to achieve. Furthermore there are a host of other unpleasant side effects experienced by smokers undergoing nicotine withdrawal including anxiety, impatience and an inability to concentrate or sleep.

However what you may not realize is that there are now more options than ever before that will not only increase your odds of success when quitting smoking but will also make the whole process far more manageable.

Treatments for Giving Up Smoking

In the past, most stop smoking aids relied heavily on nicotine replacement therapy. In essence, individuals looking to give up smoking would exchange their cigarettes for another form of nicotine; most commonly in the form of chewing gum, lozenges or artificial cigarettes.

The goal on nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is to exchange the nicotine typically provided in your cigarettes for those in another, less harmful, format. Once this transition has been completed you can slowly wean yourself off the supplemental nicotine source.

However some authorities claim that this simply moves the problem from one source to another. At the end of the day, you’re still essentially addicted to nicotine; just in a slightly healthier form.

Fortunately we now have a far more exciting treatment for smoking cessation. This new treatment for quitting smoking is not only tremendously effective but also requires less willpower than other methods have done in the past.



Champix has been shown to double the chances of successfully quitting smoking. It works by simply reducing the craving for nicotine that most smokers experience every hour or to during the day. In this way, over time most Champix takers will find that cigarettes appeal to them less and less – and quitting smoking altogether then becomes much easier. While some willpower is still required, the ease of beating that addiction is much easier than without the help of Champix tablets.

Champix tablets for quitting smoking are currently only available with a prescription. Fortunately we have fully qualified medical professionals waiting for you right now. A simple online consultation is normally all that is needed to enable us to legally prescribe you Champix and, if wanted, even post it directly to your door.

Available Strength: 1mg

Recommended treatment length: 12-24 weeks

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The Risks of Smoking

Smoking is far from harmless fun. If you’re considering quitting smoking but need some extra motivation it makes sense to consider all the health risks associated with smoking tobacco. By fully understanding them you will become aware of the very real risk that you’re taking on a daily basis.

Heart Attacks

The single biggest health risk for smokers is heart disease. Smoking cigarettes damages the cells that line the blood vessels and leads to the build-up of fat deposits in the vessels. Over time this process can reduce the diameter of the blood vessels, restricting the flow of blood and significantly increasing the chances of heart disease, strokes or heart attacks.

Medical professionals have shown that within two weeks of giving up smoking your circulation should improve and over time this will get better and better. After just 5 years without a cigarette the chance of suffering a heart attack is halved.


While lung cancer is probably the best-known cancer associated with smoking, an increasing number of cases of oral and throat cancer are being seen by medical professionals at present. And while quitting smoking will never totally eliminate the risk of contracting cancer, it can significantly reduce the odds. Possibly one of the most exciting statistics of all is that the chance of contracting lung cancer is halves after 10 years without smoking.

Sexual Health

The reduced blood flow caused by smoking can also make an appearance elsewhere. For example, gentlemen who smoke heavily may find that their cigarette smoking leads to erectile dysfunction. There are also links between smoking and testicular cancer, cervical cancer and infertility.

Maximizing Your Chances of Success

Nobody would ever claim that quitting smoking is “easy”. Even with the best treatments on the market, some will power will be needed. Furthermore there are a number of things that you can do to maximize your chances of success when attempting to give up smoking.

Get Prepared

The idea of quitting smoking, while tempting, can also be quite a scary possibility. It’s all too easy to dream about quitting smoking but never really take action and make the dream a reality. As a result, one key element that will help you to quit smoking is to set a very specific date of when you plan to quit.

If you are taking Champix this will normally be in the second or third week after you begin taking the medication.

Tell Your Nearest and Dearest

Quitting smoking can be tough for your friends and family as well as you. Appreciate that for the first few days you may find yourself a little more anxious or short tempered than normal. There is consequently a risk that you may snap at your friends and family unnecessarily.

By talking to your nearest and dearest before your planned quit date you can be certain that they understand what is going on and will treat you with sensitivity and understanding if necessary.

Notice the Differences

As soon as you quit smoking you’ll start to notice changes in your everyday life. Maybe you’ll start feeling healthier. That terrible cough each morning will lessen. Your sense of taste and smell may improve. You may find yourself sleeping better.

Try to pay attention to these changes so that you can savour and celebrate them. Paying attention to the positive effects derived from quitting smoking most people find it far easier to remain motivated and stay the course. Remember that the longer you have gone without a cigarette, the more permanent this change is likely to be.


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